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Do not begin taking any type of medicines for heart issues, antidepressants, diclofenac, HIV/AIDS medications, conivaptan, imatinib, cimetidine, enoxacin, blood pressure medications, particular prescription antibiotics, bosentan, or rifampin before speaking to your medical service provider, as these medications have been reported to communicate with Sildenafil.

Attempt not to take this medicine with a meal contains a great deal of fatty tissue, as the absorption of Sildenafil may be lowered, and you will not experience the full perks of the procedure.

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Nevertheless, you will require to state quickly any one of the adhering to significant negative side effects that are nonetheless possible yet rare: eyesight changes, priapism, irregular heartbeat, sudden eyesight loss, breast pain, and excessive sweating.

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See to it you call your physician at as soon as when you have any of the adhering to significant side results: shortness of breath, sweating, uneven heart beat, swelling, nausea, breast discomfort, unexpected hearing loss, lightheadedness, abrupt eyesight reduction, general unwell feeling, and priapism (a distressing construction that lasts for longer than 4 hrs and could cause a permanent damage of the cells of the penis).